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Model: Shade 4
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The Milani joy loose mineral powder foundation is the purest, most natural looking form and type of foundation available. This exceptional powder can be applied dried for a lighter coverage or wet for a heavier complete coverage. The mineral powder foundation has incredible oil control and gives your skin an airbrushed and flawless look without jeopardizing your skin. It has a natural sunscreen within and is long lasting. The product is so natural it wouldn’t harm your skin if you were to sleep in it. It allows your skin to breathe and conceals your flaws without clogging your pores. Fine lines are less visible as it glides over them rather then sit into the crease line like most foundations. The best part about the product is that it allows your natural shine to come through so your skin is covered yet still has that natural glow.

Cherish the skin you live in.

Once you go minerals, you’ll never go back.


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