If Melanie is unavailable on the date you are after, we can offer you the Milani Joy Team. Each girl is a senior artist who has been trained by Melanie only, so their technique and application method reflects hers.


They are experienced in the bridal and editorial industry and are confident that they can achieve the look you are after, most especially that #mjglow! All captions on the pictures on the team instagram page - @milanijoymakeupteam will state who has done the work so that you are easily able to choose an artist. Trials are available in studio.


All team members must complete the Milani Joy long course to be able to join the team. If you would like to be a part of the Milani Joy creative team, please head to our education tab to find further information on our LONG COURSE. 


For a more extensive range of pictures, please head to @milanijoymakeupteam on instagram. Click on the following link for All bookings and enquiries xx