We have major plans for 2018, as we’re sure you do too! To get where we want to be we know we need to put our heads down, and work our (not so little) butts off. Watch this space! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the next year. Be sure to keep up with us on Instagram (@milanijoymakeup) and Snapchat (milanijoymakeup) xx 









This summer, we are all about glossy skin and glossy lips which is why we have introduced SIX new products to our collection to help you achieve the perfect makeup look. We have three different shades of pressed highlighters which sit on the skin so nicely, you can’t even tell its makeup. Kokomo, Aruba & Montego (in order from lightest to darkest) will have you glowing all summer long. 

Along with glossy skin, we decided theres something simple but sexy about a glossy lip to match, which is why we dropped three different shades of nude glosses with the launch of our latest highlighters. There is the perfect shade for any skin tone - Bare, Stripped & Exposed are each so different that you’re bound to find your lip shine soulmate! 


Show ‘em how its done this summer by rocking MJ glossy skin & glossy lips. All new products can be found in the SHOP tab under MAKEUP. Xx 







On August 18 2017, i began my skin journey with the amazing team at The Lily Room in Chatswood, Sydney. Together we are looking to achieve big results with my skin. Recently, my skin has been lifeless which i was not enjoying! No matter how hard i tried, i havent been able to get my skin back to the condition it was in before having my first baby. This is when myself and The Lily Room decided to join forces to see what we could achieve, and how fast we could do so. As i am in an industry where i am surrounded by brides who are all looking at getting their skin in the best possible condition, i am always being asked for recommendations on how they can do so. One thing i hate to do is to recommend a treatment or clinic that i havent tried out for myself - i like to know that i will be sending my brides to the best place to achieve flawless results for their skin. The journey is still fresh, and only a few treatments have taken place so far, but already i have started to notice that my skin is much brighter and my natural glow is starting to make a comeback. The team at The Lily Room are so accommodating and are a pleasure to be around, making the experience even better than it already is. You can keep up with live updates of my skin journey at The Lily Room on both snapchat (milanijoymakeup) and instagram posts and stories (@milanijoymakeup). I can’t wait to see the final result, so follow me on social media to see the transformation for yourself! The Lily Room will look after all of my brides and followers, so be sure to mention that you found The Lily Room through Milani Joy! xx






Bonjour, Madame!



In case you haven’t noticed, we are all about loving our skin at MJ. We have a soft spot for a healthy glow, which is ultimately a result of well looked after skin. Product testing is a long process, but once a new product hits our shelves you know its going to be amazing. Our latest skin care addition is Le Visage. French for ‘The Face’, and MUST be pronounced in a super fancy accent. This serum is bursting with love - the kinda love that eliminates fine lines, plumps your sin and will have you looking as good as that girl you hate with the good skin ;). We bow down to Collagen and will forever be at its mercy. Merci beaucoup to Le Visage by Milani Joy for bringing our youth back!! This product can be found underneath the ‘Shop - Beauty’ tab. Happy shopping











The phrase of 2016 thanks to Bachelor Richie… (If you watch the Australian Bachelor (and Bachelorette) series then you know what I’m talking about). For us though, ‘Cool Bananas’ has a completely different meaning. It’s the guarantee that your makeup won’t go sliding off the minute you leave our studio, its the magic that colour corrects and brightens your skin, its our very necessary, panic mode kicks in when it starts running low, most favourite setting product in the whole wide world. Sounds dramatic but we have to get our point across somehow. We swear by the results that this loose yellow powder will provide. And yes - it is made from minerals sooo you’re looking after your skin at the same time. Who said makeup has to be bad ?! 







Summer might be gone but you can still achieve that #mjglow! 


Tip #1 - You desperatey want to be bronzed and tanned but also want to be sun safe at the same time? Us too. We always (like ALWAYS) want to look like we just stepped off a plane after 2 weeks under the Hawaiian sun, but this just isn't the case. Instead we opp for the easiest, quickest (and cheapest) option - a Milani Joy Spray Tan. You literally cannot go wrong with this formula created by Milani Joy herself. No orange streaking and no bad scents, you'll be a bronzed babe in no time. Step 1 to achieving that glow - complete!

Tip #2 - Love your skin. The products you use on a daily basis will affect your natural glow. We have the tools to help you achieve that glow, but you can take it to the next level by making sure you love your skin. It will love you back if you treat it with tender love and care. A little TLC goes a long way. So does the Milani Joy Segreto Trio, which will get your skin feeling plump and looking radiant. Results will be visible after 2 weeks of religious use - then you won't be able to live without it. The Segreto Trio can be purchased individually (comes in a day, night and eye cream) or as the trio for the best results. Your skin will be naturally shining, and you'll be loving it!

Tip #3 - Minerals. As you tan naturally over summer (or go back to being pale in winter), MJ's mineral powder foundation will adjust with your skin tone. Multiple shades of foundation for all year round? Not necessary. Sunscreen on your face in summer? Also not necessary. The Milani Joy powder foundation will protect your skin in the sun with its SPF components and is waterproof so after you've been for a dip in the ocean, you'll still be the flawless woman you are. Cause you woke up like this, right? What more could you want in a foundation?!

Tip #4 - What even is a glow without the MIlani Joy Illuminiser? MJ's illuminiser is the definition of GLOW. In our opinion, anyway. With 3 amazing shades to choose from, your glow will always be on point. Shade 1 - 'Glow' is perfect for a natural looking glow that will accentuate your features in a subtle yet beautiful way. Better suited to light to medium skin tones. Shade 2 - 'Chandelier' is reflective of its name. A gorgeous rose gold highlghter which will catch your eye both face to face and in photos. Suited to light, medium and semi dark skin tones. Lastly, shade 3 - 'Aloha'. I'm sure you get the gist of this one. The glow that develops after those 2 weeks under the Hawaiian sun that we were talking about. YAS!! Blissfully bronzed and beautiful right at your finger tips. Suited to all skin tones. 

Apply the Milani Joy illuminiser to all high points of the face only - down the bridge of your nose, your cupids bow, the highest point of your cheekbones and whatever is left on your brush can be swept onto your apples. Single layer, double stack or triple any of the MJ shades to achieve that MJ Glow. Combine all 4 tips to be the ultimate Glow Queen. Self titled, but noone needs to know that.

Tip #5 - Top it all off with the perfect pout. A red lip with glowing summer skin will make you the ultimate Aussie babe. The Milani Joy Liquid to Matte lipsticks will keep your lips moisturised while ensuring that pop of colour remains on all day. You can conquer the world with a perfect red lipstick.


All products mentioned (plus many more) can be found on our website under the 'shop' tab, then select either makeup or beauty. Tools for application can also be found here. Links to products have also been provided for your convenience. We hope you fall in love with the MJ products just as much as we have!

Lots of Love

Milani Joy & Team xo